World Bread Awards #BreadHero

“Our Ivy Cottage Baker is a hero of the local food delivery in a crisis scene!  He was up all night Thursday baking to fill not only an extended order list due to the pandemic, but also because the distribution point we use here in Shap (Cumbria) was closing early on Good Friday.  The bread got through in all its usual quality, range and style.  Lock down would be unsupportable without the real food our local artisan baker is struggling to get to us.”

Chloe, April 2020

World Bread Awards

Thanks for the memory

“I just bought a loaf of your sourdough at Carleton Farm Shop and the taste has transported me back to France where I shared similar bread with my grandfather. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy eating it over this weekend. Thank you.”
E.H., Eden Valley, Cumbria