Cherry Madeleines


Madeleines are always a favourite at Ivy Cottage. Enriched with fresh seasonal cherries, these madeleines were exceptionally exquisite – cherry elevate them to a new taste experience!


Halloumi and mint sourdough


Recipe @Emsbread.

Nutty flavour of cheese, paired with fresh mint and a coating of sesame seeds: a fragrant refreshing summer sourdough.

Sold out at Brough Farmers Market!

Exclusive to Ivy Cottage


The all new “Newbiggin Sourdough”, a fifty-fifty levain and a mix of white and rye flour.

Based on a tradtional country sourdough, good crust, chewy crumb, nice colour and a phenomenal taste!

Watch out for more tomorrow – National Toast Day…

Renaissance Tuscan delights


Simple but flavoursome Cavallucci are sweets dating back to the Reinaissance.

Cavallucci means ‘little horses’ as they used to have a stamp of a horse, always associated with equine life, hence the connection with Siena, the city of the Palio.

A combination of spices, nuts, candied fruit and honey: simply delicious!


Back to work boost

Homemade bagels had been on our ‘bucket list’ as new bakes to try in the new year…and what better time than make them for our last leisurely slow breakfast before going back to work.

Perhaps not perfectly shaped but we got the right texture…and went a bit crazy with seeds: sesame, white and blue poppy.

With a bit more practice, we might be able to add them to our regular selection soon!