During a short stay in Tuscany I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of making focaccia and pizza dough and baking them in a 60 year-old wood fired oven.

All under the ‘supervision’ of the great-grandchildren of Marfiso Giannini, who built the  oven as part of a traditional brick firing kiln in the early 20th century.

WP_20160322_002 (2)
The oven left open like this is used for pizza and focaccia and with the heavy cast iron door in place is perfect for bread (‘Pane’)



Marfiso’s great-granddaughter demonstrating how she kneads focaccia and pizza dough. She uses a combination of ‘semola’, strong white flour, water, yeast and salt. Her pizzas and focaccias are always enjoyed by family and friends who never turn down an invite to a Pizza Evening at Casa Giannini!



The Ivy Cottage Baker perfecting his technique!


Marfiso’s great-grandson was in charge of firing the oven and cooking the pizzas and focaccias to perfection!



WP_20160823_19_32_46_Pro (2)
The baked pizzas and focaccia were enjoyed al fresco by family and friends who said they couldn’t tell the difference between the dough of the teacher (Marfiso’s great-granddaughter) and the dough of the student(the Ivy Cottage Baker)!



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